Backlit Stained Glass Denver

Leading Backlit Stained Glass Services in Denver

Stained Glass Denver is proud to provide leading backlit stained glass services in Denver, the state of Colorado, and beyond. This unique service offers historic and religious property owners the opportunity to transform their existing or new stained glass into a stand-alone piece of art. It’s the perfect option for restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and churches located in the Union Station area, South Broadway, the Highlands, and beyond. Enjoy stunning, controlled illumination without the need for window space or natural lighting. Our backlit stained glass wall art and hangings utilize custom LED lighting panels in order to create the perfect intention and eye-catching aesthetic.

Custom LED Lighting Panels for Stained Glass

We offer custom LED lighting panels from our trusted local partners for all stained glass panels of any size or shape. These are individually-crafted and designed for your specific needs. Enjoy a whole range of customizability for versatile applications that any property owner can benefit from. From custom signage for visual branding to beautiful photo opportunities at hospitality establishments, there are endless ways your property can incorporate a backlit panel.

Advantages of LED Custom Lighting

Our backlit stained glass uses the most high-end custom LED lighting to provide both restored and new stained glass pieces from commercial, religious, and residential properties the following benefits:
  • Flexible LED lighting panels for intricate projects
  • 70,000 hour lifespan featured patented heat sink
  • Slim 8mm lighting panels for any stained glass
  • Consistent lighting design throughout
  • Energy-efficient lighting with minimal heat output
  • Frameless lighting panels that don’t detract from stained glass
  • Choose the number of lumens for various brightness options
  • Choose from single-color white, tunable white, and RFBW color lighting
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