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Hand Painted Stained Glass Windows in Denver

Get beautiful hand painted glass windows in Denver, Colorado. Painted glass is both beautiful and ornate in its appearance and has a unique ability to filter and soften incoming light. These properties have allowed painted glass to maintain its popularity for centuries.

Although most famously used for biblical scenery and portraits, painted glass is a very versatile choice that can suit any style of architecture. Since it is a type of mixed media involving the hand painting of the subject, we can render the piece with any image or design. Many homeowners, businesses, and churches in Denver enjoy painted glass artwork as a way to add color, privacy, and beauty to their architecture.

Painted Glass: Creation Process

When you work with us, you’ll have the opportunity to be directly involved in the creation process of your painted glass piece. One of our staff members will visit you at your place of business or residence and provide you with a detailed design consultation. After the design is finalized, we return to our studio where we finish the rest of the process in-house. Using high-tech, industry-specific software, we first create a detailed pattern of the glass design and imagery. Then our artists will go to work employing their talent and skill to bring your artwork to life! The glass is carefully hand selected and cut to match the pattern. Multiple layers of paint are then applied to the glass to add light, color, and imagery. After glazing and leading, the panel is assembled and ready for you to enjoy.

Design Ideas and Recommendations

When it comes to painted glass, the design possibilities are truly endless. Painted glass can be rendered with any image or color that you desire. In Denver, the wide range of architecture includes mid-century style homes like those in Harvey Park, highly modernized and contemporary buildings like those in Parker and Centennial, churches, and skyscrapers in places like LoHi and 16th street. As such, the requests our company receives for painted glasswork vary greatly. Continue reading to discover some of the most popular painted glass trends!

Nature-themed painted glass is an excellent choice for homeowners who love the outdoors. Images of trees, flowers, mountains, and wildlife help cultivate a peaceful ambiance that can be customized to match the unique style of your home.

Nautical painted glass is perfect lakefront homes and sea-lovers, it can include images of ships, lighthouses, and sea creatures. Making use of cooler tones and palates, this stylish option is a gorgeous addition to any home.

Painted glass portraits and family crests offer a unique way to honor a loved one or commemorate a special occasion. They can be deeply customized, making each pane unique and adding a real sense of personal connection to the décor.

Finally, prairie-style painted glass is a popular choice for those who appreciate the simple and elegant beauty of this architectural style. Prairie-style painted glass often features geometric shapes and clean lines, and it can be customized to match the colors and design elements of your home. Whether you are looking for a nature-themed design or a family crest, painted stained glass windows offer endless possibilities for customization and creativity.

We can begin the process with an free consultation with one of our talented designers. Your designer will bring lots of photos and glass samples to help you make the decision, and we can even sketch out several options for you. We can tweak designs to make them perfect for your style and budget.

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