Stained Glass Styles for Denver

Stained Glass Styles for Your Denver Home

At Denver Stained Glass, we understand that your style is unique, and we are proud to have worked with thousands of clients over the last 25+ years. Our expert designers know that when you choose something to add to your home, it’s important that it reflects your style and fits into your space perfectly! Since we know that everyone prefers different designs, we offer a wide array of styles for stained and leaded glass ranging from contemporary to modern and everything in between.

Denver Stained Glass is one of the largest custom stained glass studios in the country. Our time-tested process helps our clients find the perfect styles to match any personal taste. Here are some of our most popular stained glass styles:


Charles Rennie Mackintosh created the famed Mackintosh rose which is a very simplistic, circular image that is often created with red, pink, yellow, and other brightly colored panels.


Mission style windows are characterized by their symmetrical, geometric designs. Mission style stained glass often uses earth tones, but many homeowners today choose to simply use textured, colorless glass to complete the look, and this is another beautiful option.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau is a very ornate style that often includes curved lines and floral images. It’s also common to use bright colors with this style.

Art Deco

Art Deco was formed shortly after the popularity of Art Nouveau, and it’s much more in line with what we consider to be contemporary today. This style is similar to Mission in that it typically utilizes straight lines and geometric shapes.

Celtic Knots

At Denver Stained Glass, we are happy to offer a wide array of bevel clusters for our clients, many of which create the look of traditional Celtic knots. We can even create these knots with simple glass.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs inspire modern design across the world, and we are proud to create windows influenced by his styles today. These are similar to Mission windows and often use straight lines, geometric shapes, and earth tones.
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