Stained Glass Window Installation Denver

Stained Glass Denver Installation

Stained glass is a delicate product, so it’s important to choose the right installation method that will protect your window accordingly. It is equally important to have an experienced contractor install your glass. At Stained Glass Denver, we offer several installation options, all of which we are experts in, to meet the needs of all varieties of windows and clients.

Our custom process allows for stained glass to be added to truly any space. With our 25+ years of experience, we know the best, most effective installation methods to match the flexibility of glasswork and the scope of your job.

Installation Methods

Hanging window:

We can hang a stained glass window made to fit into a specific space for easy removal, or we can create a piece that is smaller than your window and add hooks so that it can hang in front of a window or in an open space.


This is our most common method for installation. We can build your leaded glass to fit perfectly into an existing window and then simply bond it to the inside. This creates an air-tight seal, and your piece will be completely attached. Since we install from the inside, the stained glass is protected from any outside elements.


If you have an issue with your existing window pane, we can order a replacement single or double pane window to go in front of your stained glass. While we do not replace the window frames, we can always offer a replacement glass piece if you’ve got a broken seal or a broken window.


We can also seal your leaded glass window between two panes of regular glass. This is a great option for bathrooms or any space that is exposed to a lot of moisture; sealing the glass ensures that your leaded glasswork is protected. It also effectively creates a triple pane window, which is very efficient.
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