Bathroom Stained Glass For Privacy and Elegance

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Bathroom Stained Glass For Privacy and Elegance

There is a reason bathroom remodels are high on the list of home improvement to-do items. It is because a beautiful bathroom is the very definition of home luxury. The bathroom is no longer purely utilitarian. It, of course, serves a purpose, but your bathroom is also a place of happy solitude where you go to relax. Arguably it is the only place in a house where anyone gets complete privacy. Which is why installing stained glass windows in your bathroom, thereby adding increased privacy and luxury, should be a consideration with your bathroom remodel.

Stained Glass Windows in Bathrooms Add Privacy

There is nothing worse than that awkward moment of accidental eye contact with your neighbor from the window of your bathroom. Typical workarounds a less than private bathroom window include curtains or shades but using either of these methods to keep your bathroom private takes away natural light. Stained Glass windows give you a beautiful way to keep your “business” out of the neighbors view while still making your bathroom bright and sophisticated.

Stained Glass Windows in Bathrooms Add Elegance and Natural Light

Beyond allowing for some much-needed privacy in the bathroom, stained glass windows are second to none at adding a touch of artful ambiance. They allow in natural light which in turn makes a bathroom look larger and more sophisticated. A stained glass window can serve as a design element or the focal point of your entire bathroom. Whatever design aesthetic you choose, the stained glass window in your bathroom will increase both the value of and your enjoyment of your bathroom for years to come.

Stained Glass Bathroom Windows in Denver

Stained Glass Denver has over 25 years of experience in creating and installing stained glass in the Denver/Metro area. We can help you create the bathroom of your dreams with one of our existing designs or something you customize with one of our designers. When it comes to stained glass we are Denver’s experts and our professionalism shows from the moment you call us. Contact Stained Glass Denver for a free free consultation and let us help you get going on the home of your dreams.

Martin Faith is a talented artisan, collector of antique stained glass, and the owner of Stained Glass Denver. For over thirty years, Martin has been running his company in Denver using the techniques he learned as a stained glass artisan in Scotland. He has devoted his life's work to perfecting the art form and studying its history. Martin's company specializes in custom creations, which are made using the highest quality materials and authentic, original designs. In addition to residential and commercial stained glass, the company also offers services for churches and religious buildings. Over the years, Stained Glass Denver has completed numerous restorations of historic stained glass and produced over 50,000 windows.

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