How to Repair Bulging or Sagging Stained Glass Windows in Denver Cathedrals

How to Repair Bulging or Sagging Stained Glass Windows in Denver Cathedrals

As the stained glass featured in many of the cathedrals here in Denver begin to reach the century old mark, you may notice unfortunate bulging or sagging from the glass itself. This misshapen glass can often appear concave or convex, have serious chips and scratches, or have entire pieces missing from the panel. Fortuitously, this can all be repaired with a proper stained glass restoration process. Stained Glass Denver is the industry leader in religious stained glass restoration, helping give back to our community by restoring meaningful antique stained glass panels to their former glory.

Denver Cathedral Stained Glass Restoration Process

Proper restoration in Denver cathedrals begins with an on-site consultation regarding stained glass assessment, deterioration determination, cost-benefit analysis, and projected project timeline and costs. This assessment analyzes the underlying external factors that have caused your religious stained glass to bulge or sag as well as any other deterioration causes or factors. Once the assessment is completed and you decide to undergo the process, we carefully remove your stained glass windows and bring them back to our workshop. From there, your stained glass windows soak in a proprietary soap blend for up to two weeks in order to really remove any impurities and so that our stained glass artisans can take it apart piece-by-piece. We replace or repair each damaged glass piece from our inventory of over 10,000 different stained glass fragments or have one custom blown to ensure a perfect match. Hand painted glass is also duplicated by our artists and baked in our kiln. We reproduce the lead came to give the structure durability then force black cement into the cracks.

Stained Glass Installation – Scottish Stained Glass from Stained Glass Denver on Vimeo.

Denver Cathedral Stained Glass Re-Installation

Once your stained glass is set and polished, we return it to your Denver cathedral for re-installation. You and your congregation will be amazed be the new look of your original religious stained glass!

For more information regarding religious stained glass restoration for your Denver cathedral, please contact us or call: (720) 316-2729

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