Read This if You Think Your Denver Church Stained Glass Is Beyond Repair

Read This if You Think Your Denver Church Stained Glass Is Beyond Repair

Stained glass can definitely fall victim to numerous things like hail, vandalism, severe weather, and other forces that accelerate deterioration. While stained glass inevitably needs to be restored in order to remain intact, many may think their Denver church stained glass is beyond repair. It is always more informative to evaluate these conditions in person in order to really determine if your stained glass is a candidate for repair, restoration, or replacement.

Deciding if Your Church Stained Glass Needs Repair, Restoration, or Replacement

Minor scratches and damages can usually be repaired on-site, offering the most cost-effective option of the three. In-house repairs are quicker and more affordable, making it even more beneficial to conduct repairs in a timely manner before more extensive damage is done. Restoration typically takes place every 75 to 100 years, especially when your church stained glass has these telltale signs: warped glass shape, bending came, softened lead, white film, missing glass, cracked glass, and much more. Catching restoration in time can save Denver churches significant amounts of money while also ensuring no permanent damage occurs. Replacement may become your only option if restoration isn’t completed in time– in some cases, stained glass is severely damaged and costs more to repair than to replace. Having an on-site assessment from an accredited stained glass contractor can determine the exact condition of your stained glass, providing definitive options.

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Finding the Right Stained Glass Studio for Your Denver Church

In order to have the most successful outcome for your stained glass project, finding the right studio is imperative. Stained glass repairs, restoration, and replacement require a high level of technicality from experience and training. The cheaper option doesn’t always guarantee the best results and may lead to more cost.

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