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Why Stained Glass Restoration? Preserving Denver’s Historic Architecture

Stained glass windows are an important part of Denver’s identity. Maintaining them requires time and money, but is nevertheless essential for preserving the city’s culture and history. This article will explain why it’s important for property owners in Denver to invest in stained glass restoration. (more…)

Stained Glass Repair vs. Restoration vs. Replacement for Denver Properties

For properties in the Denver area that have original stained glass features, it's always important to understand the proper maintenance and care required for maintaining your stained glass. Proper cleaning and timely repairs and restorations are key in making sure that your stained glass windows stay intact. When you have...

How to Get Started with Your Denver Commercial Stained Glass Restoration

Does your commercial property or business have original stained glass features? Stained glass can provide so many incredible benefits for these property types. From better brand visibility to stunning aesthetics, there are countless advantages to having original stained glass. Did you know that stained glass requires restoration every 75 to...

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Art Glass Experts: Providing Beautiful Artwork for Denver Buildings

Without artwork, our homes and buildings would be quite boring places indeed. But even though some artwork is better than none at all, the right art makes a big impact. If you're looking for some unique artwork to add to your Denver home, church, or commercial property, you should consider working...

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