Art Glass Experts: Providing Beautiful Artwork for Denver Buildings

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Art Glass Experts: Providing Beautiful Artwork for Denver Buildings

Without artwork, our homes and buildings would be quite boring places indeed. But even though some artwork is better than none at all, the right art makes a big impact.

If you’re looking for some unique artwork to add to your Denver home, church, or commercial property, you should consider working with our art glass experts. We’ve been creating custom art glass for over 25 years. Our team has the skill and experience to totally transform your interior and make your property look stunning.

About Our Work

We started making art glass back in 1991 when our owner, Martin, moved here from Glasgow, Scotland. Martin had been making art glass windows for several years. After opening his own shop, he passed his knowledge on to the rest of our team. Over the years, we’ve had the chance to work with homeowners, businesses, and religious organizations across the country.

What Makes Us Different

Art glass is different because it’s all custom designed and produced by hand. Most of the glass art you see in retail stores has been mass produced. But we create a new design for each piece of art. That way, the owners’ tastes and personalities are reflected in the art. It’s truly uniquely devised just for them.

Our Services for Residential Property Owners

Adding art glass to your home can make a tremendous difference in its appearance. Art glass is a unique addition that brightens up any room. It’s great for adding color to white walls and it can really elevate the ambiance of the room. We offer a variety of art glass services for residential spaces, including portraits, landscapes, and custom windows.

Commercial Art Glass for Churches, Public Spaces, and Businesses

The same services that we offer to homeowners are also available to churches and businesses in Denver. Our art glass experts can custom design a new addition for your church or help restore any existing glass art in your property.

Learn More

Learn more about how you can obtain custom art glass for your Denver space. Call our team today to get more information.

Martin Faith is a talented artisan, collector of antique stained glass, and the owner of Stained Glass Denver. For over thirty years, Martin has been running his company in Denver using the techniques he learned as a stained glass artisan in Scotland. He has devoted his life's work to perfecting the art form and studying its history. Martin's company specializes in custom creations, which are made using the highest quality materials and authentic, original designs. In addition to residential and commercial stained glass, the company also offers services for churches and religious buildings. Over the years, Stained Glass Denver has completed numerous restorations of historic stained glass and produced over 50,000 windows.

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