Exploring the History and Purpose of Church Stained Glass

Exploring the History and Purpose of Church Stained Glass

The history and purpose behind church stained glass can be truly fascinating for any art lover or history buff. The origins of stained glass may remain unknown due to how old this medium really is, but it is believed to have originated from the Middle East. The original purpose of stained glass was to maintain natural light but still allow the building to still be completely closed off. As stained glass evolved, more evidence of this art form is from Rome and Egypt.

The Historical Background and Purpose of Religious Stained Glass

There’s evidence that stained glass really gained popularity in the medieval period when stained glass was placed as small features throughout walls as well as large facades. During this period, churches began utilizing stained glass as a way to showcase the teachings of the bible to the illiterate. At this time, there was a high risk that their stained glass would be rendered useless due to other buildings being constructed and blocking their stained glass. Stained glass was still very expensive and rare. The Augsburg Cathedral is believed to house the oldest existing stained glass collection in the world. The Augsburg Cathedral’s stained glass features biblical figures with an advanced knowledge of technique.

Taking Inspiration from Church Stained Glass History for Your Denver Church

Religious stained glass has always held significant meaning and has been used as a means to teach biblical scripture. Denver churches can take inspiration from the historical background of other church stained glass by implementing it into their own custom stained glass projects. Custom religious stained glass gives you the opportunity to teach the values most important to your church and congregation. These individualized stained glass windows can portray virtually anything.

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