5 Antique Stained Glass Gift Ideas

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5 Antique Stained Glass Gift Ideas

Stained Glass Denver For Your Holiday Gifts

Sparkling lights deck the thoroughfares of Downtown Denver, the wreaths are hung with care on light posts around the city and carols can be heard in every store, in every mall from Aurora to Lakewood . In short, the holidays are here. Finding something unique for that special person or family is a task as ubiquitous as the holiday cheer. Here at Denver Stained Glass we have the perfect solution for the age-old question, “what do you get for someone who has everything?”.  The answer:  a custom-made antique stained glass window! Each year we have customers coming to us looking to gift a stained glass window to their loved one(s) and here are 5 of the most popular styles people choose:

Leaded & Beveled Stained Glass: Although leaded glass is very traditional, the addition of beveled glass to a leaded glass window makes for the perfect stained glass window for modern or vintage homes.

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass: A true master of the architectural design style, Frank Lloyd Wright style windows are as relevant today as they were 50 years ago. His style, known to emphasize geometric patterns and earthy colors, brings an authentic antique but still modern aesthetic to any window.

Celtic Knot Stained Glass: Probably the most ancient antique style stained glass, these designs often incorporate the complex and intricate curves of traditional Celtic knots into their design. Done correctly, this style window can fit in old and new homes alike.

Mackintosh Style Stained Glass: Originating from the Art Nouveau school in the late 19th century the flowing lines and use of bright pops of color make this antique style stained glass a great fit for any home. The Mackintosh rose is perhaps the most famous of all stained glass designs and for good reason: it’s beautiful.

Green and Green Style Stained Glass: Known for their use of iridescent, marbled colors and natural motifs, in an American interpretation of the Arts and Crafts movement, Green and Green style glass is the epitome of American elegance and a stunning addition to any home’s windows.

Denver’s Antique Stained Glass Experts

Not only is the gift of antique stained glass is not only incredibly unique but one that will last for generations to come. At Stained Glass Denver we will work with you to create a beautiful custom work of stained glass art for that special person or family on your list. We are Colorado’s stained glass expert with over 25 years of experience and thousands of stained glass masterpieces in our portfolio. To explore the idea of antique stained glass as a gift this year contact us today for a free consultation!

Martin Faith is a talented artisan, collector of antique stained glass, and the owner of Stained Glass Denver. For over thirty years, Martin has been running his company in Denver using the techniques he learned as a stained glass artisan in Scotland. He has devoted his life's work to perfecting the art form and studying its history. Martin's company specializes in custom creations, which are made using the highest quality materials and authentic, original designs. In addition to residential and commercial stained glass, the company also offers services for churches and religious buildings. Over the years, Stained Glass Denver has completed numerous restorations of historic stained glass and produced over 50,000 windows.

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