Custom hanging stained glass for any window in your home.

Custom hanging stained glass for any window in your home.

Have you ever considered stained glass in your Denver home, but wanted something that you could move from one window to the other? Have you ever imagined how amazing stained glass might look in a certain window or other, but didn’t want to invest the money because you were considering moving sometime in the next few years? Have you lusted after antique stained glass, but never bought any because you knew it would not fit into any of your existing windows?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might consider buying a stained glass hanging piece.

Most of our custom stained glass windows and doors are installed into an existing window frame, and bonded to the existing glass. This does not make the installation permanent, but there is a fair amount of work involved in removing them.

Hanging stained glass, on the other hand, hangs in front of your window from hooks or chains, and it’s quite easy to move it from one window to the other. So if you redecorate your living room and your stained glass panel no longer complements your décor, it is a simple matter to move it elsewhere. If you wake up one morning and decide you really want your stained glass window in the bedroom instead of the hallway, it is a simple matter to move it. And if you do move in a few years, or many years down the road, again . . . with hanging stained glass, it will be simple to take your precious stained glass artwork with you to your new home.


Or give it away, perhaps to your children to become a new family heirloom.
Hanging stained glass is also the solution to that lovely antique window you’ve always wanted. It might not be the correct dimensions to fit into any window in your home, but you can hang it in front of a window and it will become a truly stunning focal point in the room.

Would you like to see some of the antique stained glass windows we have available for sale in the Scottish Antique Collection? Many of these beauties are for sale. Each one was imported from Scotland, restored, and is around 100 years old. Click here to view collection.

Any of these pieces can be prepared to be a hanging piece in your home or office.
If you choose to have a brand new design or pattern, our designers will work with you. All of our hanging stained glass is custom made to your specifications. The size you want, the style you want, the colors you want, the types of textures you want.

For more information about hanging stained glass, why not contact us at Stained Glass Denver today? We offer a no-cost, free consultation with one of our designers, to create the perfect piece of stained glass for you.

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