The Relevance of Cleaning and Strengthening Your Denver Church’s Stained Glass

The Relevance of Cleaning and Strengthening Your Denver Church’s Stained Glass

Stained glass preservation is a major priority for many Denver churches. Stained glass is often beloved by congregation members, showcasing inspiring imagery that’s sacred for the worship experience. Stained glass can be treasured for centuries, offering the same inspiring message for many generations to come. In order to continue the tradition down the line, it’s vital to administer proper cleaning and strengthening for your religious stained glass pieces.

Proper Cleaning and Strengthening for Denver Church Stained Glass

In order to prolong your stained glass‘ life as well as prolong periods of time between required restoration, proper cleaning and strengthening is vital. Consistent, weekly cleanings ensure that your stained glass won’t experience overexposure to moisture. Moisture is unfortunately the leading cause of deterioration, often times leading to fungal growth which drastically accelerates the deterioration process. Moisture is unavoidable but making sure your stained glass doesn’t have moisture building up between all the crevices and pockets is significant to preventing deterioration. Many stained glass windows in Denver churches have reinforcements built in– it’s important to make sure these are effective and not causing further deterioration. Proper strengthening of stained glass leads to better durability and product life.

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Restoration Process for Denver Church Stained Glass

Restoration is an inevitable, especially when stained glass reaches the age of 75 years to 100 years. Our acclaimed restoration process can add another 100 years to your stained glass! The restoration process begins with an on-site consultation in order to assess deterioration causes and give you a proper estimate. Once this is complete, we remove your religious stained glass and bring it back to our glass studio for repair. Your stained glass bathes in a proprietary soap blend for up to two weeks so we can remove all dirt and impurities while taking it apart piece by piece. Once restored, you’ll be stunned by the results!

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