When Should You Repair Stained Glass in Denver Synagogues or Temples?

When Should You Repair Stained Glass in Denver Synagogues or Temples?

Stained glass often showcases powerful religious messages when housed in synagogues and temples. These unique, antique pieces of art can really be a vital part of the worshipping process, giving personal messages to each individual worshipper. In order to continue inspiring those that attend your Denver synagogue or temple, it’s vital to keep up with necessary repairs and restorations. Some stained glass repairs can be completed without removing the window itself, but if your stained glass is a candidate for restoration, repairs must be completed at our repair studio.

Denver Synagogue and Temple Stained Glass Repair vs. Restoration

If your stained glass is under the age of 75 and has signs of light deterioration, it probably is time for some in-house repairs. For instance, if your stained glass lacks luster, has a few scratches, and doesn’t have any major damage, misshapen pieces, disintegrating lead came, etc. then it’s probably a candidate for repair. If your Denver synagogue or temple stained glass is around 75 years to 100 years old, it’s probably ready for restoration. Candidates for restoration typically showcase major signs of deterioration. These may include warped glass pieces that appear concave or convex shape, damaged or broken pieces of glass, glass pieces missing or falling, a white film appearing on the glass itself, discoloration or a yellow tint, etc. If you’re still unsure what your religious stained glass is a candidate for, we’re happy to determine that for you.

Stained Glass Ceiling Restoration – Montrose, Colorado from Stained Glass Denver on Vimeo.

Repairing Your Denver Synagogue or Temple’s Stained Glass

Sometimes stained glass just needs a little love– we’re happy to complete any repairs or restoration your religious stained glass needs. Restored stained glass can actually add equity to your Denver synagogue or temple’s property while continuing to inspire your worshippers for generations to come.

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