How To Incorporate Stained Glass Into Your Denver Custom Home Design

How To Incorporate Stained Glass Into Your Denver Custom Home Design

Custom Stained Glass For A Truly Custom Built Dream Home

Having a home custom designed and built just for you is so exciting!    And while there are a lot of hard decisions to make about the look and feel of your new home, Sure, each one gets you closer to the home of your dreams.  When it comes to choosing some of the interior architectural elements, you can get the perfect balance of form and function through the use of stained glass.  It is a great way to add privacy to the parts of your home that need it without sacrificing that one-of-a-kind feel or beauty. In fact, stained glass is very customizable and goes great in new homes as well as old.  Not only that but, it is elegant and gives a high-end look no matter where you decide to have it installed. Below are the most popular places we install stained glass on custom homes.

Best Areas For Stained Glass In Custom Made Homes

Bathroom Stained Glass:  Windows on bathrooms, are necessary but are tricky as well, because of the need for privacy.  While you want the most sunlight possible, large windows often end up letting the prying eyes of the world in addition to natural light.  Stained glass in the bathroom of your custom built home lets in the natural light you crave without sacrificing privacy, in a place where you need it the most.

Kitchen Stained Glass:  When you have a custom home built, sometimes you aren’t quite sure what to add to make it all your own. Stained glass is perfect for this, especially in areas where stained glass is infrequently seen!  The kitchen is one of these areas. Stained glass is great for use on cabinets to really pack a design punch too. The best part about stained glass on kitchen cabinets is, it gives enough coverage to for your kitchen cabinets to obscure clutter, but enough transparency to mimic the open cabinet feel!  And, since stained glass is 100% customizable, it allows for you to really add your own touch to your custom kitchen area.

Entryway Stained Glass:  The entryway of your home is the first thing that people will see when they enter your lovely new home, so, stained glass on your sidelights and/or transom windows is a great place to welcome people with style.  Not only will it impress guests coming into your home, it will make a bold statement from the outside and adds curb appeal.

For more information on how stained glass will benefit your custom home, watch the client testimonial below:

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Martin Faith is a talented artisan, collector of antique stained glass, and the owner of Stained Glass Denver. For over thirty years, Martin has been running his company in Denver using the techniques he learned as a stained glass artisan in Scotland. He has devoted his life's work to perfecting the art form and studying its history. Martin's company specializes in custom creations, which are made using the highest quality materials and authentic, original designs. In addition to residential and commercial stained glass, the company also offers services for churches and religious buildings. Over the years, Stained Glass Denver has completed numerous restorations of historic stained glass and produced over 50,000 windows.

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