Stained glass in hospitals can help patients’ recovery.

Stained glass in hospitals can help patients’ recovery.

Today’s modern hospitals have modern ideas about healing. Many health care professionals are well aware of the healing power of art, and how artwork on hospital walls can be calming, relaxing, and inspire a sense of comfort in patients and worried relatives alike. Hospital stained glass is yet another form of artwork that can add more to your clientele’s healing experience.

There is something about great beauty, great art, that simply affects people in a positive way. And there is no more important time to affect people than when they are ill or injured. The following quote is from a fascinating article in the Saturday Evening Post.

“Medical experts say it (art) can change a person’s physiology, alter perceptions, and have a calming, curative influence. And they knew it even before they could prove it. In 1860, Florence Nightingale wrote about the effect of “beautiful objects” on sickness and recovery. ‘Little as we know about the way in which we are affected by form, by color and light, we do know this, that they have an actual physical effect'”

Now imagine being in the hospital and trying to recover from surgery or an illness. You are far from the comforts and aesthetics of your own home. But imagine if you were able to walk around the hospital and enjoy beautiful stained glass works of art? In a hospital, hospice, or nursing home, stained glass art can be calming to view and put people in an overall better mood.

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One very famous example of hospital stained glass is at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, Israel. The stained glass windows at this Nobel Prize nominated facility (they are in the hospitals synagogue) depict the twelve tribes of Israel and were designed by the artist Marc Chagall.

Take a look at these amazing windows here.

Another amazing example of hospital stained glass can be found at Florala Memorial Hospital, in Alabama. The original architects of this building indulged their love of art and made a positive difference in others’ lives as well by including these stunning windows in the hospital’s design.

Are you wondering how practical stained glass is for hospital windows? According to the hospital’s website,¬†these six religious-themed stained glass windows have survived a number of tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural events. They have even become a tourist attraction; they are that spectacular.

(By the way, adding stained glass windows has insulating properties as well, giving a single pane window the thermal efficiency of a double pane. Just in case you were wondering!)

All of Fort Worth Stained Glass windows are custom designed to your specifications. We would love to talk with you about including some hospital stained glass in your facility’s chapel, lobby, or hallway windows. This investment in beauty is also an investment in your patient’s wellbeing, as well as the comfort and morale of their families, in ways that cannot be quantified but can only be deeply felt.

Please contact us to discuss our custom stained glass further, to set up an appointment, or to receive a quote.

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