Transom stained glass windows for your bedroom.

Transom stained glass windows for your bedroom.

Some Denver homes have transom windows built into their bedrooms, living rooms, or entryways. Transom windows have been a popular and well loved architectural feature for a long time. Aside from adding architectural interest to a room, they also let in more sun, without needing huge windows containing huge panes of glass.

For some people, it’s nice to wake up with the morning sun blaring into the room. But for others, this might not be desirable. And while you can always use curtains over your windows, it would be pretty unlikely to use curtains on your transoms! But it would be much more likely to shade your eyes from the sun with transom stained glass windows.

For those unfamiliar with the term, transom windows refer to small rectangular windows that are placed above normal windows, to let in more light. You might have one over your front door, to let light into your entryway. You might have them near to the ceiling in a living room or bedroom. You might have transoms near the top of a wall with no other windows at all.

One way to block the sun in your bedroom, while really adding to the room’s décor, is by adding stained glass transom windows. They add interest, elegance, color (unless you prefer clear glass), and a way to really make use of this nice architectural feature in your bedroom.


Would you like to see exactly what we are talking about? Please take a look at our transom gallery of photos for some examples. Surprised? Yes, transoms are so popular that we have an entire gallery just for transom stained glass designs. (By the way, you can click on any thumbnail photo to see an enlargement that will show you the gorgeous detail!)

If you can’t imagine stained glass in your bedroom, perhaps that is because you are imagining church stained glass, with its vivid story and vibrant colors. The stained glass we would design for your bedroom transoms would be quite different. One of the most popular choices is clear and frosted glass. It adds no color to a room, so when you decide to repaint or redecorate it will still match perfectly. But while this type of leaded glass adds no color, it still packs a sophisticated and elegant design wallop!

So don’t let the sun bully you into waking up way before you need to or want to! Close the curtains or draw the shades on your regular windows, and use stained glass for transom windows!

Are you considering transom stained glass for your Denver home? If so, we’d love to talk to you. If you have the questions, pretty sure we have the answers, and we’d love to earn your business today!

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