Transform your hallway windows with stained glass.

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Transform your hallway windows with stained glass.

If you have hallway windows, chances are you haven’t given much thought as to what to do with them. A filmy curtain? A pleated shade? Nothing, because they are only hallway windows, so who cares? We’d like to suggest something completely different. We’d like to suggest that you take those windows and turn them into works of art. How, you ask? Simple. With hallway stained glass, Denver style.

Many older Denver homes already have hallway stained glass in their windows. In fact, we went to an open house party not too long ago in the Congress Park historic neighborhood. The home had a short, dark, narrow hallway. Completely forgettable, except that it had an antique piece of stained glass in the one hallway window.

Would you believe that almost everyone at the party commented on the beauty of the stained glass, which the owners had just had cleaned and polished? And mentioned how lovely it was that that was the first thing they saw of the house. With the installation of hallway stained glass, Denver homeowners can add this type of detail to homes new or old, large or small, inner city or suburban. And why not?

Adding hallway stained glass, Denver design aficionados know, totally transforms the look of any hallway or stairwell. Frequently, hallway windows open onto not so great views: your neighbor’s siding, an alley, the side of your own detached garage. So along with being unique and classy and eye catching and beautiful, stained glass in your hallway can block that view and add something much prettier to look at.

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When it comes to hallway stained glass, Denver stained glass lovers admit that’s one place they sometimes don’t think of. They love stained glass in their entryway, in their bathroom or kitchen, or in their big bay windows. But although frequently hallway windows are quite small, adding stained glass to them has quite a big impact.

What style might work for hallway stained glass? Just about any, we believe. We can custom design a pattern that matches your favorite style or matches the era, architecture, and overall style of your home. It’s up to you, but we’ll assist as much as you’d like.

The first step in creating custom hallway stained glass, Denver and the surrounding areas, is always a no cost, in home consultation with one of our trained and talented stained glass designers. Together, you’ll discuss different styles, look at photos and samples, and come up with exactly what you want, exactly what will look phenomenal in your little (or not so little) hallway. You might want to carry that motif throughout the house, using the same style or pattern of stained glass in other unexpected places as well.

So why not give us a call and set up that design consultation today?

Martin Faith is a talented artisan, collector of antique stained glass, and the owner of Stained Glass Denver. For over thirty years, Martin has been running his company in Denver using the techniques he learned as a stained glass artisan in Scotland. He has devoted his life's work to perfecting the art form and studying its history. Martin's company specializes in custom creations, which are made using the highest quality materials and authentic, original designs. In addition to residential and commercial stained glass, the company also offers services for churches and religious buildings. Over the years, Stained Glass Denver has completed numerous restorations of historic stained glass and produced over 50,000 windows.

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